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Stanley Services are one of the only companies in the south west who specialise only in the restoration, refurbishment and draught proofing of original sash windows.

We are experts in the use of English heritage approved, long lasting epoxy repairs for any rotten architectural joinery. All repairs are conveniently carried out on site, with minimum mess and disruption to our clients.

Only the best tools and materials are used, ensuring optimum finishing and a virtually dust free work environment.

Our draught proofing service also increases acoustic window efficiency and considerably reduces energy wastage.

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Draught Proofing

We are specialists in the draught proofing for your rattling old sash windows. Our competitive pricing includes window removal, full refurbishment of the existing sash boxes, professional balancing for and reshaping of the sliding sashes where required.

Once this work is carried out, we then replace all existing staff and parting beads with high quality, pre-primed replacement beads, specially routed out to contain brush carriers to eliminate draughts and acoustically protect your sash windows. The meeting rail is also routed to contain a further brush carrier to optimise efficacy.

We are also certified contractors for repair-care international. This means we can eliminate any rotten wood for your architectural joinery with flexible, long lasting epoxy solutions at a fraction of the cost of joiner’s fees.

Wooden Doors

Our expertise extends to the renovation, repair and long lasting redecoration for any wooden entrance door. Typical expansion problems are eliminated by removing the door and coating both the top and bottom with trade quality flexible paints to avoid future damp ingress. Rail joints on most wooden doors are also susceptible to cracking.

Therefore, we route out these joints and fill them with flexible, epoxy resin to avoid such cracks appearing in the future.

We also use specialist, dust free sanding equipment in conjunction with diligent filling and caulking for all imperfections and cracks to ensure the smoothest substrate for painting, rubbing down each coat in between to eliminate brush marks for optimal, final finish quality.

Wooden Sash Windows Installation/Repair

Although we specialise in the complete restoration of original sash windows, we can also fit brand new windows where required.

These windows are manufactured to the highest specification and factory finished, with 12mm double glazed units if required and perfectly installed to fit existing boxes in addition to new beading to provide a beautiful, functional finish.

Glass Replacement

We provide an excellent glass replacement and temporary boarding service for all wooden windows and doors, using state of the art up to date mastic based, flexible putty replacement, lasting much longer than traditional linseed solutions.

Please call us for further details on our glazing services.

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