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At Stanley Services we are exceptional decorating specialists. All aspects of decorating are undertaken with care and extraordinary attention to detail. We are heritage specialists, master liners and wallpaper hangers.

Client consideration is key; therefore, we use dust free sanding equipment for almost every aspect of preparatory works. Wallpaper pasting machines are also utilised to reduce mess, job time and increase efficiency.

Paint spraying equipment is used to retain historic features of ornate cornice and plaster work.

Our client consideration, and use of up to date equipment, including dust free sanders ensures a high end finish every time.

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Anti-Vandal Coatings

We provide specialist anti vandal coatings ranging from anti-graffiti paint, and anti-climb paint to give you piece of mind when protecting your home and business.

Door Stripping

Please contact us for details regarding our acid dipping services for internal doors. We also offer manual heat and chemical stripping services to expose the wooden substrate for all external and internal doors ready for repainting, oiling or varnishing.

Exterior Painting

External decorating works, if done incorrectly can really provide a disservice to your property, assisting in quicker degradation and major headaches.

Our external decoration services are carried out in a perfect, logistical fashion. Using only the best materials, including flexible coatings, specialist exterior fillers and in some cases self cleaning paint for a long lasting job, excellently finished. A project to be proud of.

Paint Sprayer

Stanley services are proud to state we are experts in airless spraying. Whether commercial or private, spraying has huge advantages in relation to timescales and finish quality.

We use polythene application equipment to speedily and efficiently protect all areas not to be sprayed, saving time and money whilst creating a factory style finish to walls and woodwork.

Coating beautiful cornices becomes effortless with this method and maintains the artistic profiles which are often lost over time with traditional methods.


Whether a new build or older property, we are incredibly skilful in relation to the application of all wall coverings.

Our equipment includes pasting machines that decrease timescales and increase efficiency and adhesion.

We are also master liners, with preparation and application skills that provide a timely, seamless smooth finish for even the most degraded walls and ceilings.

Stripping & Painting Wooden Windows

Whilst most decorators just prepare and paint wooden windows, we provide much more. Typically, wooden windows (whether sealed in with paint or not), expand and contract with the seasons.

As such we measure the moisture content of all substrates prior to any work to ensure contraction during warmer climates will not quickly degrade a beautiful finish.

Should the moisture content be too great we provide a service to eliminate this first in order to provide a much longer lasting finish.

All works are carried out to the highest standard and flexible, trade quality paints are used to give your windows the care they deserve.

Heritage Property Specialist

At Stanley services we are more than familiar with the conservation remits required for older properties, ensuring correct procedures are carried out to maintain our wonderful architectural heritage for generations to come.

Please contact us for further details.


Not only do Stanley services specialise in high-end decoration and sash restoration.

If required we also offer project management for any proposed refurbishment.

We have a pool of time served expert contractors on hand to deal with any task from electrical to plumbing and more.

Repair and Listed Building Specialist

Listed buildings require the utmost care and attention when traditional methods are required to preserve their heritage.

We are very experienced in these methods and liaising with conservation officers to maintain the high standards and efficiency required for such projects.

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